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Establishing a clean surface with dry ice blasting

When you use the process of dry ice blasting there is always some form of carbon dioxide involved. That is because a surface is being cleaned with it. As a special solid form of the carbon dioxide, the dry ice gets accelerated with the help of air flow which is tightly compressed. Similar forms are the blasting with sand, plastic or soda as well. Dry ice is being used as the blasting medium in the process of the purification.

Saving the ecology with dry ice blasting

This procedure is a good method in case of saving the ecology. That is because no harmful things arise during the process. It is therefore not toxic or flammable. That is a major advantage. The main tool, the dry ice is being produced from the before mentioned carbon dioxide, which is itself obtained when diverse industrial processes occur. It is not also a method that is being welcomed by the nature, it Is also a nice option for the worker. There is no waste or some kind of chemical dangers. As soon as the dry ice contacts with the surface that should be cleaned it switches back into a state where it is gas. Every unwanted side product like waste can easily be washed off.

A flowing production procedure

The process of dry ice blasting can be used in two different ways. Either as a form of cleaning or as a process to maintenance your machines. In this mode it gives your technical machines a nice form and quality. Therefore, the machines can last for a very long time. That is the best way of being sure that all machines stay in good shape. The procedure is not exclusively being used in one specific field. Thus it is applied in chemical processes, printing, plastic or also in the food industry.

Why should ice dry blasting be used?

We also mentioned that saving the environment plays a crucial role in using the dry ice blasting. But what is also important, in contrast to other blasting methods, is that dry ice is able to remove fats and most of the dirt. The little pellets that are being used sublime entirely after their usage. Because the pellets are contacting the surface so fast the layer of dirt will be removed very fast and no negative effects are existing. To sum up, you have to say that this method is very useful.

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