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External know-how in contract filling and packaging

When a product is manufactured, it involves a variety of work steps. An important step is the packaging after production. The packaging varies greatly depending on the product. If you do not want or cannot pack your own products for technical reasons, contract filling and packaging is an advantage here.

This is what contract filling and packaging does

When we talk about contract filling and packaging, it is the English term for wage filling. As already mentioned in the introduction, you also have to package your products before selling them. And especially if you don’t have this ability in the company, you can hire an external service provider. He then takes care of the bottling and packaging according to the customer’s wishes. This can be very different in terms of packaging, both in terms of the amount of filling, the size, the weight and the design of the packaging. Depending on the service provider and product, this is either done on site or the product to be packaged is picked up. And then either delivered again or stored.

The advantages of contract filling and packaging

Of course, in the context of contract filling and packaging, the question always arises, what are the advantages? It is not uncommon to see this in the no disdain at first glance, as it shows the costs of transport and the labour costs for the service provider. But here you have to be careful. Of course, such costs arise, but in return you also save costs. For example, in the procurement of machines with which you can fill and pack. In addition, you also save staff, as you do not have to have staff for filling and packaging in your company. And finally, you also save space, after all, there is a need for both, both for filling and packaging, but also for storage. Accordingly, commissioning from an external service provider may well be worthwhile and offer the described advantages.

Compare contract filling and packaging

Especially the offers for filling and packaging of products, which can be very different depending on the service provider, should be looked at carefully. Since there may be quite serious differences depending on the service provider, such as the number of units that can be packed in the hour. And, of course, the financial aspect must not be neglected either. Finally, these costs must also be taken into account in the price of the product later on. For this reason, too, one should compare calmly with contract filling and packaging before commissioning from a service provider. But in order to be in the position for a comparison at all, you have to request offers from the service providers in the first step. If you have received several offers here, you can then compare and select a suitable service provider.

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