Girl's hands making a necklace with white beads

Design your own jewelry

Jewelry is very popular. It comes in all shapes and colors and for every imaginable part of the body. Whether simple or elaborate, jewelry is always beautiful accessories. So it’s no wonder that jewelry is also a popular gift.

Necklaces, rings, bracelets – all this and much more is considered a special gift. Jewelry is very versatile and can emphasize the character of a person. Often people have problems finding the right jewelry for themselves. Also as a gift jewelry can be difficult, because it should please in any case. Who does not want to look for a long time or just can not find the right part, can once consider making jewelry itself. Online and offline there is the possibility to buy jewelry blanks. These can then be redesigned according to your own ideas. In addition, a piece of jewelry can also be created from scratch quite easily with very few materials.

The right material

To be able to make jewelry, various tools and materials are needed. For this purpose, it should be considered in advance, which jewelry parts are to be made. The possibilities are almost limitless. A precise plan should already be in place during the first attempts. This makes it easier to make a piece of jewelry. Beads, ribbons, textiles, pendants and much more can be used. In addition, closures are needed. Depending on the type of homemade jewelry, hooks or chains are also needed.

Tools are important

Top view jewelry maker workbench with tools on table. Equipment and tools of a goldsmith on wooden working desk inside a workshop.Without tools, it is almost impossible to make most jewelry. To work really easily, round nose pliers, flat nose pliers, cutting pliers, jewelry wire and jewelry glue are needed. For forming eyelets and loops, the round nose pliers are needed. The flat nose pliers help especially with filigree work. Individual beads and jewelry parts can be attached with craft glue. Here, a transparent glue should be taken. There are also still a little accessories such as Endkappen, Kalotten and Biegeringe needed to make really stable jewelry parts.

Buying accessories in the right places

If you are starting out in this hobby, you will notice that the accessories can be very expensive. A crystal beads wholesale for accessories could be the right contact here. Large quantities of accessories are sold here cheaper and is just really interesting for people who want to open a business to earn money with their hobby. All necessary materials can be ordered here. In most cases, the accessories can be grabbed in a single order. There is no annoying delivery time for several packages. This makes it easier to try out new things once in a while. There is certainly enough inspiration. Whether the jewelry will be simple or very flashy, they are in any case personal and can be made individually.

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